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BetaLance Dev School aims to provide proper training and exprience to the aspiring developers and freshers for free.

An initiative of BetaCloud Technologies, BetaLance Dev School is free for anyone to join and learn from the Expert developers working at BetaCloud.

Syllabus tought in, BCA and other technical course are mostly outdated, as a result most freshers graduate with little or no knowledge of the skills and technology being used in the Industry.

That's why Dev School

That's why we launched Dev School, a platform dedicated entirely to aspiring developers and programmers.

We do not want applicants to miss out an opportunity to work with BetaLance just because they do not have the required exposure - CTO, Narender Singh

Why Free?

Accepted students go through a two months training and then they are required to work for BetaCloud for at-leat 1 year as an Assitant Software Developer, salary is mentioned during the admission process.

The training cost is $150 for students who just want to learn and do not want to work with BetaClou.

Teaching what's useful

At BetaLance Dev School, we train our passionate students to become a Full-stack web developer. Once the training is over, the students can choose to work with BetaLance or any other company of their choice.

What you learn



Tools & Tech

Location: The classes are held at BetaCloud head-quarters (516, BetaCloud, Astra Towers (North), Rajarhat, Kolkata - 700161) every Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

Fixed salary and securities of a traditional job.
Work from anywhere at your own schedule.
5 work-days a week.
Work from home or from our offices in your city.
Easy to apply
  • Create account
  • Take the coding test
  • Wait for final interview call

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